Lg Secret Codes

LG all models test mode: Type 2945#*# on the main screen.
2945*#01*# Secret menu for LG

IMEI (ALL): *#06#
IMEI and SW (LG 510): *#07#
Software version (LG B1200): *8375#
Recount cheksum (LG B1200): *6861#
Factory test (B1200): #PWR 668
Simlock menu (LG B1200): 1945#*5101#
Simlock menu (LG 510W, 5200): 2945#*5101#
Simlock menu (LG 7020, 7010): 2945#*70001#
Simlock menu (LG 500, 600): 2947#*

Code to read phone version :
- Phone without SIM
- Enter 277634#*# or 47328545454#
- Select 'SW Ver.info'
Code to reset phone :
- Phone without SIM
- Enter 277634#*# or 47328545454#
- Select 'Factory Reset'
Code to enter UNLOCK MENU :
- Phone wit SIM inside
- Enter 2945#*88110#
Test Menu 8330 : 637664#*#
Test Menu 8180 V10a: 49857465454#
Test Menu 8180 V11a: 492662464663#
Test Menu 8130-8138: 47328545454#
Test Menu 8110-8120: 277634#*#


my phone don't have any signal, so how?
after i key in the number and press call. it say that there is no service area.
by the way,i bought the phone in London.

Mayby you have to change the band into triband or quadband. If you bought it in london it should be set to the UK band GSM 900/1800. In the USA the phone band is GSM 1900. Try to find network services somewhere in settings.

how to use those code with lg ku990r?

It's nice information about "LG Secret Codes".I found the site Mobile-unlocker.com which provides the Unlocking code for LG mobiles.
Where can i get the master reset code?

It's nice information about "LG Secret Codes".I found the site Mobile-unlocker.com which provides the Unlocking code for LG mobiles.
Where can i get the master reset code?

well I though I had it but...the version og this particular phone is not a SW version but a c2000 ?? no way to change to SW version Any ideas on that ??I will check back thanks

I have an LG SCOOP -(AX260) can that be unlocked?
It's from alltel (a.k.a.) Verizon (you know, alltel made the BIG switch to Verizon, so now its Verizon, and not alltel anymore) just a little FYI incase any1 didn't know that...also, i live in the USA...
thanks in advance...

can someone help me with the LG keybo cuz i don't know my phone code to unlock it i forget it how do i reset it?

how to use those code with lg ks360

i just want to unlock my phone for free

hi there, i have and lg kp500 and when i type codes in it just tell me it not availible or wrong code how do i unlock it to any network

i am sofa king retarted and you should go **** yourself thank you

LG TU-720 / CU-720 / Shine Unlock Code Entry Instructions

How to unlock LG TU720 CU720 And All Shine Series

1. Power ON your phone with an accepted SIM card
2. Type *#865625#UNLOCK CODE
3. Press OK
4. Device is now unlocked

i just bought my lg cookie kp500 black now its a virgin handset so i used my other virgin pay as you go sim i can use the phone exept calling any numbers on my contact directory and i cant send text messeges could some one help me plus i dont have other cables or other info just the phone and charger PLEASE HELP some one

i have a a lg vx9100 help me to unlock it

i got a used VX9100 and i cant get it activated. any ideas why?
none of these codes work on that.

need help activating a motorola verizon VU 204. Verizon says they cant find the MEID for that phone. any ideas is greatly appreciated. thx



how do i unlock my verizon lg vx10000 i forgot my code and i cant use it no more help me!!!

im trying to unlock my LG CU575 but i cant find the code for it and i also have no service so how do i do?

it wont work and i have the lg vu

holaa,,como puedo hacer para sacar el codigo de seguridad en los mensajes??mi cel es un LG KM 900

can u tell me code for fashing lg to cricket

Can i unlock lg ku990 without simcard?

how do you master reset a lg vx9100?
I've tried all these codes.

Can some1 provide me with the unlock code for my LG SHINE TU720
imei : 357985-01-147524-2
locked to rogers

or whats with all theese factory resets, will that disable the SIM restrictions?

email: cool-broDemon@hotmail.com

The screen is locked and the password wont work.
Can you help me out.

Any1 who can help me plss

i want to knw hw do u make a lg ks360 louder wit a code or sumthing ... This phone is really soft wen it comes wit music

esqueci a senha da pasta secreta do lg gx200 agora nao consigo reproduzir o q esta na pasta ou seja ta tudo travado na pasta por favor me ajudem

Hey i have a LG kp106a and cant unlock it can you help. Have not seen any way how t unlock this phone

i have lg gw300 security code forgot.. how wud a reset it

can any one help need to unlock my lg800

can you tell me code for Lg xenon

i have an lg ks360 and want to axcess these codes, but when i send the numbers it comes up with 'Request Failed' how do i get these codes for my phone?

helllllllo i need help!!! my LG rumor touch is boring and hell and i cant download anything onto it or get a massage that says "denied"

mine keeps saying wrong ussd code :/

how to unlock my lg cookie kp500 emei nr is 35906802169686300

Can anyone help with the handset lock code for the LG GW300

How do you use these codes with LG GW300 with no sim?

How do yu unkock or reset a LG AX8575

how do i get past security code on lg neon i can not do anything. keeps asking for security code and unlock

hai can you give me unlock lgkh2100 from korea, when i use it another country , it will be show simcard restric,, please

como posso desbolquear o lg ku990i

I have a lg keybo 2 and forgot securiy code anyone help?

mee too i have an lg keybo 2 and iw forgot the security code so what do i do ?

i have an lg xenon. does anyone know how to unlock it so i can use it with any network? thanks

How to reset unlock code for lg chocolate touch?

i have an lg ks360 how do i unlock it free plz

Can someone please help me un lock my lg rumor touch???

how can i get mms internet on a lg dare flashed to metro??? i cant get internet??? unlock code please SOMEONE HEELLPPP MEEE


I have a lg kp501 and i forgot the sercurity code, Any one know how to restart the phone?

please help i need to unlock my lg kp501 locked to orange uk. any free codes?

hey i have an lg view phone and i forgot my security code when it first comes on and dey only allow me 2 type 4 letters

I got a LG CF360, can anyone help me have an unlock code for fee??

Thank u
It is very nice & use full

How do you unlock the security code for lgip-340n?

Do any of these codes or hacks work on the LG GD910 Watch Phone, if so please share..

Hey guys i need a unlock code for a LG POP GD510...someone generate this for me please
IMEI: 359929031435875

my email address is:

i got a lg keybo 2 an its locked an i can figure out the password

my phone is LG KP500 !

my IMEI:357920025794254-00

Help, UNLOCK SIM card !!!!

Please, send me code for UNLOCK SIM, may email: dalmacija5@net.hr.

Thanks !!! Bay !!!!

My phone LG is kc910. I set a security code and I forgot it and now I can't log on to screen because there is requested security code...
Does anyone now universal code???
I need your help...



I have a LG CU500 and I want to unlock it to use it with a different phone company.. could some one please help me out? Thnks...

I have a LG KC780 , and someone changed my security code, how do i reset the phone?

i bougth an a used lg cu720 and the default code as being changed have tried using diffrent code but they are not working with it what can i do my id is oladunjoyetunde@yahoo.com

bought a used vx10000s fone was wondering how can i bypass the 4digit lock code i used the last 4digit of my # an its not working..


i have a vm265 (rumor 2) and i cant unlock it and i cant fing my imei code plz send some directions to me at iamnotemoorami@hotmail.com thanks

I ned to unlock an LG CT810 from A&TT to T-Mobile my IMEI# is 0116300002455648
Please some one help me !! my email its pellopepo_23@hotmail.com

can anyone help unlock lg keybo 2

hi i have an lg ks360, when i try the codes it says request failed,

and is does anyone know the code to make the volume louder??? please help!!!

My fone is a used phone and its originally a LG phone but we changed companies and to pageplus. I have no idea what i can do to unlock my phone
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I have a LG GS117 Handset which is working to only Vodafone, how to unlock please reply to my email id: deepak19prakash@rediffmail.com

hey all .. yo so im trying to unlock my LG rumor2 Lx265. any code to help me get this shizz unlocked for free ?

Hi, i have LG GS 105, how to unlock phone? Please help . :-*

what do we put as our new pin number

i have a TE365f....can u help me to unlock it.....email me at bga_330@yahoo.com...please

Code to enter UNLOCK MENU :

- Phone wit SIM inside
- Enter 2945#*88110#

I change securty code already (0000). But now i forget new secrity code. What I can do?

my friend's samsung corby pro is detecting a 3g signal... but my lg xenon is not detecting 3g signal..... i am in india at present and i bought the phone from america

do u call the codes aftwr u typ them in

i successfully unlocked my lg neon today with no bricking...lol although my service was through att i got my unlock code from att and they were strangely nice about giving me the code( specific to each phone i requested unlocks for) but to access the lg neon unlock menu ; After turning on your mobile phone, press: *#865625# Press Yes to continue.Enter the 16 digit Subsidy Unlock Code(not always 16 digits) Enter the 16 digit Subsidy Unlock Code, again. Device should say: “Network Lock Deactivated”
Phone may automatically reboot
Dont know about your "fido" or other network phones but this worked perfectly for mine any questions email me at kayenpdx@myspace.com

hay i realyy need help ive for got my password for my lg rumor touch my WEDDINS IN TWO WEEKS AND I HAVE TO GET MY SISTERS NUMBER PLEASE PLEASE HELP ASAP

hey, does anyone kno how to unlock a KU990i sim??? i dont kno

i got LG KS360 i cant acces my MicroSD card... it keep saying Bad Format. something like that.. if i try to format in my phone cant acces correct numbers... in all forums says its 0000 or 1234 or 12345 but they wrong.. What to do ?

could you help me to unlock an lg mn240 of metroPCS!?

Top of the morning to all.
I've got a LG P 509 that is locked to t mobil, I need to unlock it to att, Looking for help !


hey does anyone know how to unclock the lg cookie?
my email is
Thank you so much :D

i have lg glimmer ax830...looking for unlock code...can anyone please help..email euqinhcet@yahoo.com

i have lg gw300
imei: 352969040700841
can anyone tell me the secret codes for it? i need help thanks!!
email me at x2jun2x@live.com

I have a sprint lg optimus s and I want to unlock to another sevrice... Can anyone help me. Msingler@hotmail.com

I have LG gt365 N I need a code area to french Polynesia
can anyone tell me the secret codes for it??? it said network is not available when I call..need help thanks!!!
email me: ladyhinateaheidi@gmail.com

how can i get the code for LGKU990i

hi can some tel me how to unlock my LG KC550 i cant find anythin about this phone: please can someone help me and email me on jiten08@hotmail.co.uk

some one please give me the code to unlock LG620G my imei # is 01211400788522607 my E-mail is kraashhenard@gmail.com if you can help I would love it thanx!!!!

my phone model:LG320G
Please send me unlock sim card code!! or secret code.
My Email: avhora786@yahoo.com
Thank You!!!

PLEASE HELP my phone is a LG320g pleas help colon.magdiel@hotmail.com

PLEASE HELP my phone is a LG320g pleas help colon.magdiel@hotmail.com

how to use secret menu in Lg gd510 whats the code ?

how can i unlock my lg900g to use on all sim card?

HI there friends -

i have a LG GS290 , (used), it is SIM locked to vodacom-

imei is 35410604555141000

can anyone please email me the unlock code:


many thanks

please any help would be greatly appreiciated lg sentio GS505 unlock code thanks in advance

i forgot my phones oassword how do i unlock it please someone help

i have lg500gs ,i need unlock it ,help me please ,

mailto: ramdsad@yahoo.fr

email me guys..who want to unlock his lg ku990.i can help u

i need help unlocking my lg gw300 email me at crystalcleardiva@hotmail.com if u can help me thanks :)

i have lg cosmos touch and need sme codes for that HELP!?

pls. help me to unlock my LG km900

I need the code for LG ENCORE GT550
my IMEI is 01229300209427107
my email is gjkogan@hotmail.com

My X3 , sony ericcson x10 mini pro and nokia e63 forget lock code help me .

I need help unlocking lg L1150. ATT is carrier. Imei 010379000219705
Email Makaedd@yahoo.com
Thanks in advance

I have a T Mobile LG GS170 how can I get the unlock code for FREE?
IMEI 012284005747528

i have a lg a200 how can i get the unlock code for free?

please can you help me to unlock my lg p500 i bougt it from my country , when i came to Turkey it didnt work in mobile networks for example network locked

Plz someone save me!!! I need unlocking codes for LG KP500!!! plz someone help... email me plz at thetwinzz@yahoo.com any help would be very much appreciated...

how do you unlock a lg gw300???

How do u use the codes for lg rumor touch

need a free unlock code for my LG Optimus Spirit P690 please!

hi I need help unlocking my lg viewty gm360 which is currently locked to tesco. my IEMI: 35220204667539900

PLEASE HELP, email me on monzyluvya@hotmail.co.uk


i have nokia lunia 800 any one plz help me to unlock nrupane@gmail.com

plz. . . send me an unlock code for LG TE365F


just email me the code tnx. . . john30ph@gmail.com



Can you tell me if the LG sg390 has a Micro or mini sim chip...?

hello I need to unlock my LG-VS920 the is blocked for verizon wireless, any one know how to gwt the sim unlock menu,or maybe you have the unlock code for this model,the IMEI is 990000611654965 my email is osminjesus@yahoo.com.The company mobile unlocking sell me a unlock code but doesnt work, because I can fin the path to enter the six number that they send me.

please help me unlock my phone.. Lg optimus one p500 and send to this email "prettycure21@yahoo.com"
Thanks in advance..

IME code: 35404304741215200

how do you unlock my LG gw382f simcard lock can someone please help.


can anybody help me to unlock optimus chat L-04c.. EMEI:354079-04-071184-4

plz send me ur help @ mlopez_aina126@i.softbank.jp

i use LG GW300 i want to reset setting but the code not accept can u help me.. please...what to do and what is the code

How do u get music without a as card

Hi Folks I have a LG-E612 and my EMEI is 352397056565892 if you can help me unlock my phone my email is tesugar@live.com much appreciated

Can someone provide me with the unlock code for T-Mobile LG Optimus L9. IMEI: 013306008026193. T-Mobiles service in West Virginia isn't any good, you can't access the internet not unless you are near somewhere that has wi-fi. I pay $55 a month for unlimited everything and can't even use the service. You can email me the code at carolynjones98@gmail.com. Thank you for your time.

please help me unlock sim in my lg cu720 shine
imei number:01167900873640508


IMEI: 013305000229326
Need Unlock

LG Optimus 9 P769 tmobile...anyone know of an unlock code? if so email me at jadedbliss@hotmail.com.
Thanks so much!! :)

It's a very good and informative blog.While serching for a site I found the site onlineunlocks.com which provides the Unlocking code for all LG mobiles phones instant.

LG unlock code

Please help me with the unlock code of my LG BL20 new chocolate.
its IMEI:356548034593002
my email is koyelaprovidence2@gmail.com

can u help me unlock my lg P500h my email ..mustanglover_1974@hotmail.com

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