Android Studio updated to beta, now supports Android L, Wear and TV

Android Studio
During Google’s I/O 2013 event, Android wasn’t nearly as big of a focus as it was at this year’s event. New features for developers, like Android Studio, were mentioned during the maelstrom, but there’s a serious argument that it could have used some more attention on stage at this year’s event, too, during the main keynote. The Studio has indeed been updated to beta status, with plenty of support thrown in for good measure.
It shouldn’t come as any shock that Google would want to continue to make it as easy as possible for developers to bring cool new things to their OS, which is why Android Studio is such a big deal. Moreover, it’s better news that the Studio now supports not only Android L, the newest major version to Google’s (mobile) operating system, but also now supports Wear and TV.
With Android L’s developer preview available for anyone who wants to take a crack at it, the Android Studio should make it easier to build the apps you want to release. Google says that Studio is progressing nicely towards a full, public release, but there isn’t any mention of a specific release date quite yet.
Are you excited for the changes in Android L?
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