Android will reportedly incorporate a kill switch in a future version

image Android kill switch
As our mobile devices become more important, and we add more of our lives and important information into them, security has become an obvious focal point for many manufacturers. With new ways to lock your phone, as well as ways to keep tabs on them if you forget where you left it, making sure our data is secure is very important. A feature may be implemented into Android to secure that safety net.
According to a report from Bloomberg, Google will add a kill switch into the next version of Android. They’re doing so because the results of a remote kill switch implemented in Apple’s iOS back in September have reportedly been very good. A report released by the Secure Our Smartphones Initiative group revealed that theft of Apple’s iPhone has dropped 19 percent in the first five months of 2014, when compared to the same period of time one year ago. Bigger drops in London (24 percent) and San Francisco (38 percent) over the same period of time indicate that kill switches do indeed have an impact.
Google will be adding “a factory reset protection solution” in a future version of Android, and reports suggest it could see the light of day as early as the next major update. (Microsoft is said to be implementing their own solution as well in an upcoming update to Windows Phone.) There’s no doubt more security is a good thing, and if the results can be reflected for Android as has been seen for iOS, it’s good news across the board. Do you think a kill switch is necessary for our mobile devices?
[via Bloomberg]


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