Angela Ahrendts talks about ‘starting anew’ with Apple

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Starting a new job can be tough for anyone. But what if that new company you’re joining happens to be Apple? Angela Ahrendts talks about her transition and “starting anew.”

Last month, Angela Ahrendts began a new role with Apple as the Senior Vice President, Apple Retail. That means both the physical retail locations, as well as looking over the digital domain as well. It’s a big role, but one that Ahrendts is obviously well suited for. She was nice enough to take a minute to post a quick post on LinkedIn, to talk about the experience of starting fresh with the Cupertino-based company.
More than that, though, she provides tips for anyone who might be in the same situation, or will be soon. Making a change is hard, especially when it comes to your career, so the outlook that Ahrendts provides could certainly be well utilized. Here’s a quick excerpt:
“First: “Stay in your lane.” You’ve been hired because you bring a certain expertise to the team and the company. Try to resist putting additional or undue pressure on yourself trying to learn it all from day one. It’s human nature to feel insecure about everything you “don’t know”. By staying focused on your core competencies you will be able to contribute much sooner, add greater value long term, and enjoy and have more peace especially in the early days.”
You can read the full post in the link below. The advice provided is great, and it is certainly a good read.
[via LinkedIn]


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