Apple expands Maps 3D Flyover coverage to Tokyo, Zion National Park

flyover zion
Apple continues to steadily improve its Mapping service. The company today expanded Maps 3D Flyover coverage to Tokyo, Japan and Zion National Park in Utah.

Apple launched its Flyover feature, which offers photo-realistic, interactive 3D views, in very few cities initially, but expanded coverage later.
If you’re in these regions, launch the Maps app, then tap on the info (i) button in the bottom right corner, then choose Hybrid or Satellite view. You should see a high-resolution image of the area you are viewing. Tap on the 3D to enter into Flyover mode. You can use gestures to move around and zoom in or out.
Apart from expanding Flyover, Apple is also working on improving its Maps app. A number of users are noticing improvements in mapping data around their region. Apple’s also working on significant updates to Maps for iOS 8.1, including public transit directions, augmented reality, and indoor mapping. With iOS 8, Apple’s also added a new Flying City Tour mode to the Maps app that uses Flyover to give you a tour of a city.
[via MacRumors]


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