Apple is now selling and activating T-Mobile prepaid plans with iPhones in retail locations

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It was reported early in July that Apple retail locations would start selling prepaid, as well as month-to-month T-Mobile plans, along with iPhones during the purchase. While just a rumor then, it has now been confirmed that if you want to sign up for T-Mobile, you can do it from inside an Apple retail store.

Rumored to start rolling out in June at the beginning of the month, Apple will now start letting customers sign up for prepaid T-Mobile plans in store, with the purchase and activation of an iPhone. If the prepaid situation isn’t to your liking, though, you can opt for T-Mobile’s Simple Choice postpaid plans, as long as you buy and activate an iPhone, of course.
To sweeten the deal, Apple is offering $50 off the price of the device if you go for a prepaid plan. If you go with the Simple Choice option? You’ll receive a $50 iTunes gift card for your effort.
T-Mobile customers can now purchase and activate an iPhone with T-Mobile prepaid service in more than 250 Apple stores across the nation. In addition, for a limited time, customers who purchase a new iPhone with T-Mobile prepaid service can get $50 off the device, and those who buy a new iPhone with a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan can get a $50 iTunes gift card.
T-Mobile has some fine print that you should be aware of: There’s a limit of one (1) device per customer, and you’ll need to by either $50 or &70 worth of service to see the deals. You obviously also have to activate the device in-store.
Do you plan on taking advantage of the new deals?
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