Apple looking to plant their mark on the home, with devices to make you more connected

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It hasn’t been a secret that Apple is looking to expand their product category, as even Tim Cook has suggested that outcome is inevitable. New reports suggest that their next focus will be on the home.

Apple’s lineup of devices is expanding. We already have smartphones, tablets, computers, with music players getting price drops to make sure they find their way into pockets in 2014, too. With the iWatch all but officially confirmed at this point, even our wrists are soon to be wearing Apple-branded products. But it sounds like Apple isn’t finished there, as further reports suggest that Apple’s next focus could very well be on something much, much bigger: the home.
Initially reported on yesterday from The Information, sources are saying that Apple is going to make a push for the home, seeing it as a huge opportunity for the company. Interestingly enough, the sources suggest that Apple is looking to avoid a direct competitive push against their main competitor, Google. Now, reportedly confirmed through additional sources to 9to5Mac has shed additional light on the situation. Namely, Apple is said to be avoiding smart thermostats, like Google’s Nest, or smoke detectors, in an effort to keep their focus on other areas of the home. That could mean we see smarter locks, sensors that function together with lights inside (and outside) the house, and more.
Worth noting, that it does seem unlikely that Apple would actively avoid thermostats completely, seeing as it’s one area that consumers are looking at. Even if Apple takes their time with it, and launches other in-home products in the mean time, it seems relatively unlikely that they avoid it completely.
Speakers seem to be a safe bet, too, for Apple, considering their recent purchase of Beats Electronics.
Whatever the case, though, it seems obvious that Apple is making a real push into the home, especially to build upon their own HomeKit, which they unveiled at this year’s WWDC. While it’s initially designed for the third-party applications out there that make use of smart devices, of which there are many, Apple’s obviously going to make use of it as well.
Is home automation something you’re interested in? Have you already started making your own home smarter and more connected?
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