Apple reportedly easing up on some App Store restrictions, with some earmarks

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Apple may be changing course to a recent change they made to their App Store policies, which reportedly saw some apps being rejected due to “incentivized video ad viewing and rewarded social sharing.”

Two weeks ago, it was reported that Apple had made some changes that directly impacted app developers with “freemium” applications in the App Store, with a focus on rejecting apps that featured in-app reward systems for people who watched advertisements, or sharing certain elements through social networks. As one can imagine, this didn’t sit well with many developers, and many public forums were overrun with complaints. For anyone who has played a free-to-play or freemium title, those types of ads, or even getting rewarded for sharing a post on your favorite social networks, is a pretty standard way to keep playing, or get other in-game bonuses.
It’s also one way people can avoid spending money in those particular applications, as that’s usually a fallback.
In a new report from TechCrunch, apparently things have changed. Sources within the video ad industry are stating that they are seeing apps being rejected for those rule points are declining, which is indicative of a change on Apple’s side. What’s more, it’s being reported that the applications that had been rejected before are now being allowed to roll out into the App Store.
While it would appear that Apple is easing up on the restrictions in this specific department, Apple still has some ear marks for developers to pay attention to. Apple will reportedly still reject applications that incentivizes users to rate their app, rate another application, download another application, or review their app. Apple is doing this because these can directly influence the position of an application in the App Store’s Top Charts, which is obviously a no-go. This means that app developers cannot provide an incentive in-app or in-game, to get people to rate, review, or download another app.
Do you prefer free-to-play or freemium models, or would you prefer to spend a set amount at the start?
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