BootGIF allows you to create your own Boot Logo with any GIF

Jailbreakers love to have custom boot logos on their iPhones. But, if you wanted a custom one made, the best place to ask would have probably been reddit and then you would just have to hope that someone made it for you. Well, now there’s a simple way to do it all on your own using BootGIF.BootGIF created by Caleb Kussmaul is going to allow you to use any gif and turn that into your boot logo. Now, there’s a little preparation work that you’ll need to go through before you are able to get your custom boot logo on your device. So let’s knock that out right now.
  • Add to your Cydia sources
  • Download “Animate” from (this version is 64 bit compatible)
  • Download and install Apple File Conduit “2″ from Cydia to get access to all files on your iPhone
  • Download iFunBox on your computer to navigate your iPhone when connected to your computer (for the Mac version, just click the middle tab at the top of the page)
  • Download and install BootGIF so you’re able to create your own boot logo
Now that you have all your prerequisites, it’s time to get started. Find a cool gif that you’d like to use for your boot logo just by searching the internet. I recommend one that already has a solid black/white background so it blends in well with the boot up screen.
Once you’ve saved your gif to your computer, just open up BootGIF. It will look like this:
Up at the top right-hand corner is where you’re going to select your gif, so just click that button and select the gif you saved on your computer. Next, to the right is your “Fade Options” which will allow you to make the Apple logo fade into your custom gif when it first starts, rather than jumping directly into it. I usually select this and set it to fade for 10 frames.
The third button will be your background color. So you want it to match which iPhone you have, if you have a black iPhone, choose black, if you have white, choose white. After that, select your output, which is where the boot logo is going to be saved. I just save it on my desktop for ease of use.
Below that you can see that you need to select your device so it will create the proper size screen. Then below that where you have your “Image Options” you will be able to scale your gif to fit width, height, both, fit & only scale down, or custom. Select the one that best fits your gif.
The last two options are to “Limit Frames” and “Loop GIF”. If you select to limit frames, then you are basically downgrading the quality of the gif. If a gif is 100 frames, you can limit that gif to something lower, like 25, if you’re having performance issues. In this example, it won’t cut off the last 75 frames, it would just delete 3 out of every 4 frames. So you will still get the full animation, it will just be a little choppy.  The “Loop GIF” options does exactly that, lets you select how many times the gif will loop before it stops.
Once you’re done setting everything up, click “Make bootlogo”. It will create a random name and save it to your specified location.
Now that you have your boot logo, plug in your device and open up iFunBox.
You’ll want to click on “Raw File System” in the left hand pane. If you see the word “Device” like in my picture, below the folders, then proceed to the next step. If you see something different, you need to install “Apple File Conduit 2″ from Cydia.
Now click on Library>Bootlogos. Now just drag your boot logo from your computer right into the BootLogos folder. It will install on your iPhone without a respring.
Now, on your iPhone, navigate to Settings>BootLogo. Under “Extras” is where you’re going to see your new boot logo! After selecting it, you can preview if you’d like, but it usually is a bit choppy in the preview. The best test is to go ahead and select it and reboot your device.
That’s it! You’ve created you’re own personal boot logo. If you want to see a step by step video tutorial, then check out the walkthrough below:
So what do you guys think? Are you going to make your own boot logo? If you find some awesome gifs to use, make sure to put them in the comments below so we can check them out!


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