Box adds secure note collaborations to iPad and iPhone apps

image Box iOS
Box unveiled a new feature for its users not too long ago, called Box Notes, which allowed users to share collaboratively. The feature has now trickled down to the iPad and iPhone.

Box Notes launched last month. It allowed users of the Box cloud-based service to use a single application to share notes between users, with a major focus on security. What’s more, the sharing in the app is presented as a live tool, so changes between users will show up in real-time, which should make keeping up with one another easier. Notes are also automatically made available to those allowed access to the folders inside Box Notes, so working on the go should be easier.
At its core, Box Notes is about making it easy to work with others. It promotes the sharing of information and collaboration. Live, concurrent editing lets everyone read and make changes instantly together. This is great for meetings – even when some participants aren’t in the office. And with today’s global workforce, not everyone is online and working at the same time – Box Notes is great for those situations too. Notes are automatically available to collaborators of the folder, so there’s no need to share each individual note with the people who need it.
There are paid options for those who want extra storage, or who simply need more than the 10GB that Box offers for free. The newest update to the iPhone- and iPad-based apps is available starting today. The app is free.
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