DockWare gives you system-wide access to the dock [Jailbreak Tweak]

Have you ever wanted to be able to access the apps on your dock from anywhere within iOS? If so, you’re in luck. A new tweak called DockWare is now available, which makes the standard iOS dock much more flexible.

The app breaks down to being one simple function: the ability to hide and show the dock using an Activator gesture. But what makes this tweak special is how well it does this task and how fluid its animations are.
As you can see in the screenshot on the left, you can use an activator gesture to make your dock (which holds you most-used icons in most cases) appear at the bottom of the screen within any app. But the tweak doesn’t just let you show the dock within apps, it also lets you hide it on the lock screen.
After you’ve installed the tweak and given your device a respring, head over the Settings app to configure DockWare. There’s three main sections in the DockWare settings panel: Global, Home Screen, and Advanced.
Within Global, you’ll see an option that lets you toggle whether or not the tweak works when in apps. Also, there’s a selector for choosing the Activator gesture you’d like to use (I prefer “Slide Along Screen Bottom: Drag left to right”), as well as a slider for choosing how long the dock should show before hiding itself again.
The Home Screen section allows you to enable or disable the tweak when on the Home Screen, and gives you the option of three Behavior animation: Push, Overlay, and Squeeze. The first will push the dock up when activated, the second overlays the dock over the Home Screen, and the last squeezes the icons to fit appropriately.
Lastly, in the Advanced section, there’s a selection pane for choosing specific apps (if any) you would like to keep DockWare from being active within.
DockWare is available in the Cydia store for $1.99 and be sure to keep your eyes on this post as we’ll update it when we have a video walkthrough for you.


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