Facebook iPad app gets new entertainment sidebar featuring games, trending topics and videos

After realizing that more than 70% of Facebook for iPad users have played at least one Facebook-connected game in the last 90 days, the company has announced steps it’s taking to update the iPad app to reflect that. A new sidebar is coming, bringing a bunch of information to the forefront of the app which will allow users to see trending topics, a list of games you have installed, and more.
In the latest update to Facebook for iPad in the US, we’re testing new ways to help people discover more timely and entertaining content on tablet. This update will surface content on the right-hand side of the iPad that’s relevant to how people use tablets today, which is primarily to read news, watch videos and play games.
More than 70 percent of people who use Facebook for iPad worldwide played a Facebook-connected game in the past 90 days. So we’re also dedicating a section of the iPad app to games people play, and over time, we will include ads where game developers can engage players.
Rotate your device to landscape mode and you’ll find a nifty new sidebar that features a bunch of useful information:
The update brings a total of four separate sections to the app, including Trending topics, Trending videos, My Games, and Popular Games. Trending topics is the feature we’ve had on the desktop sidebar for several months, which shows you — appropriately — the trending topics of the day that relate to you. Trending video is new to the iPad and shows a curated list of videos that you might be interested in. My Games is a list of games you have installed and quick links to them, while Popular Games suggests Facebook-connected games for iPad that you might want to play.
The announcement blog post then went on to list the requirements developers must follow to have their software appear in this section, so if that information interests you, be sure to click the source link.
But those of you that are every day users of the Facebook app for iPad, are these features appreciated?


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