Facebook may launch its Snapchat competitor Slingshot tomorrow

Facebook Slingshot
Couple of weeks back, Facebook accidentally rolled out its Snapchat competitor Slingshot, and quickly pulled it from the App Store.

9to5Mac briefly reports that Facebook will launch the app tomorrow, June 17th. 
The Slingshot app offers a twist on traditional messaging by allowing you to “sling” a photo or video message to your friends. In order for your friends to view the content, they have to sling something back to you. Some users may find the forced sharing tacky, but Facebook is likely hoping the vast majority of users will be curious enough about the slings around them that will share with friends as well.
Slingshot is part of Facebook’s renewed focus on mobile apps with the company recently introducing the Facebook Paper app, which received a major update earlier today and improving its dedicated Facebook Messenger app.
The report also notes that the launch could be delayed if there are any last minute issues.
What do you think about the idea behind Facebook Slingshot? Do you see yourself using it or you will continue using Snapchat?
[via 9to5Mac]


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