Google makes it easy to find out if your device is compatible with Android Wear

image Android Wear
When new software finds its way to the market, especially coupled with a brand new accessory/device, finding out if your smartphone is compatible is a necessary first step. After all, you don’t want to buy something you can’t use. Thankfully for anyone interested in Android Wear, Google has made finding out if your device is compatible super simple.
The first thing you’ll need to do is get your smartphone ready, open up your Browser, and head on over to Android Wear Check. That’s it. Once you load up the page, you’ll get an image like the one you see above if your device is compatible. The big green checkmarks make it pretty obvious, to say the least.
As far as compatibility goes, Google has stated that Android Wear will work with devices running Android 4.3 and newer. So whether you decide on the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, as long as your handset is running the appropriate version of Android needed, you should be good to go.
Both the G Watch and Gear Live officially went on sale late yesterday, following Google’s I/O keynote speech. You can order the G Watch for $229, while the Gear Live will run you $199. They both ship early July, as of the time of this writing.
Did you pick up an Android Wear smartwatch today? Which one did you order?
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