Google Search update brings ‘OK, Google’ voice activation to any screen

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The Android news just won’t quiet down on the Day of the Keynote, Google I/O 2014. While there were plenty of changes to Google’s mobile operating system with Android L’s preview, that doesn’t mean the updates for the current version are done. Google Search has just been updated, and one of the new features will speak to many people.
The newest version of Google Search, which brings the version number to 3.5.14, brings to the table what most would expect: bug fixes and performance enhancements. It’s the big updates that will get the most attention, though. First up: “OK, Google” voice activation from any screen. Before you had to be at your home screen, which could have been tiresome for some people. Now, though, just saying the standard “OK, Google” command from any screen, including the lock screen, will bring up Google Search ready to get some work done for you.
Next up: Audio History, which will let Google Search analyze your previous voice searches, and –over time– make your searches faster and more accurate.
If you want to turn on the new voice activation, head into Google Search –> Menu –> Settings –> Voice, to “Ok Google” Detection, which will give you several options to choose from. The update is rolling out to devices now. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.
How often do you use your voice to search for things on your Android device?
[via Droid-Life]


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