Google unveils Android L with new design language, improved performance

android L
Google today unveiled the next version of Android, called Android L, at its annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. The new release brings a whole new design language called “Material Design”, a faster runtime called ART, battery improvements and more.

Material Design
Apple introduced a whole new design language with iOS 7. No to be left behind, Google unveiled its own design language called Material Design that focuses on color, a more consistent interface hierarchy, and a refreshed iconography. Google is calling it a “unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion.”
You can learn more about Material Design by heading to Google’s website.
New Runtime
Google swapped out the Dalvik virtual machine in favour of the faster ART runtime, that makes all apps run much faster and minimise battery consumption. ART is built with 64-bit chips in mind for the next-generation of mobile processors.
Better Battery Life
Android L features a number of optimisations in the way devices consume power, and as a result of these optimisations, users should see improved battery life. Android L devices will also ship with a new Battery Saver mode that disables unnecessary features when the battery’s low to extend life by up to 90 minutes. The company also unveiled Project Volta, a detailed battery consumption analysis to help increase battery life.
Smarter Unlock
Android L powered devices will not need a passcode while unlocking if you’re wearing an Android Wear device. The demo showed that when the watch was on the wrist, the phone unlocked without a passcode, but when the watch was taken off, a passcode was required.
Apart from these features, Google also demonstrated huge improvements to GPU performance, a new heads-up notification mode, improved security, remote wipe, factory reset and more. Developers will have over 5000 new APIs to play with, and add more features to their app.
Android L also adds compatibility to the two new extensions of Android, Android Wear for wearables and Android Auto for in-car systems.
Developers can download a developer preview of Android L for the Nexus 5 starting today, but a public launch will come a few months later. Google has yet to unveil its desert based name for this release of Android, that’ll start with an L.


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