iWork beta apps now remember the last document edited in iCloud, plus more in new update

image iWork for iCloud
Apple has officially made an update for their iWork apps available to make working in iCloud much easier. Including Pages, Keynote and Numbers, the update brings plenty of well-needed changes.

The new update is available now for the beta versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers for Apple’s iCloud suite. The new software has plenty of changes and additions, like suggesting your most recent username while editing shared documents. There are now tips that you’ll see for using keyboard shortcuts while you use the apps as well, which Apple hopes will make utilization much smoother and quicker. You can now right-click to mask images, too.
However, the biggest addition may be in iCloud’s memory. Apple’s iWork suite of apps will now remember the last document you opened, as well as the specific interface settings that you may have implemented in your previous editing session. That means if you had a specific zoom level chosen in your Numbers document, the app will remember that so you don’t have to fiddle with settings again when you open the app.
The update has rolled out now, and you can test out the new features through the iCloud website. Do you use the iWork suite of apps through iCloud’s website?
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