LG has a Project Tango tablet on the way, meant for consumers

image LG Project Tango
While the keynote for Google at their I/O event is over and done with, that doesn’t mean we’re done seeing new gadgets. Thanks to LG and Google, it looks like the general consumer will be able to get their hands Project Tango, which should give a big boost for people who want to experience more 3D adventures through their tablet.
Project Tango was officially announced earlier this year, along with a smartphone specifically designed to test and build the project from the ground up. The whole idea? To bring a whole new world of 3D to our mobile devices, but also to help us in ways that we may have never imagined. The concepts that Google outlined in their announcement were indeed unique, especially the idea of playing hide-and-seek with your favorite character from a video game or some other form of entertainment.
As Google put it in their announcement:
What if you could capture the dimensions of your home simply by walking around with your phone before you went furniture shopping? What if directions to a new location didn’t stop at the street address? What if you never again found yourself lost in a new building? What if the visually-impaired could navigate unassisted in unfamiliar indoor places? What if you could search for a product and see where the exact shelf is located in a super-store?
Imagine playing hide-and-seek in your house with your favorite game character, or transforming the hallways into a tree-lined path. Imagine competing against a friend for control over territories in your home with your own miniature army, or hiding secret virtual treasures in physical places around the world?
Sounds great, right? The consumer-side of it has always been a bit of a question, with most guesses putting a device out in the real world sometime in 2015. That looks to be pretty accurate, but with a tablet instead of a smartphone. LG and Google have confirmed, through a report from Phandroid, that an LG-branded Project Tango tablet will be made for consumers, and will find its way to shelves in 2015.
There isn’t any word on a price or release date, but considering how early the project is, and how many months down the road the launch is, that shouldn’t come as any surprise.
Are you excited for Project Tango?
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