Nexus 6 will not be manufactured by LG

Nexus 5 back
LG hit a home run not once, but twice, in two consecutive years with the Nexus 4 and 5. The handsets were way better than Nexus handsets before them and have played a major role in making the Nexus brand a common name in the public.
However, rumors have been floating around that Google will be killing its Nexus program this year and replace it with Android Silver, where it would release high-end devices from other OEMs running stock Android. 
Whether the Android Silver program is real or not is still debatable, but at least it is now confirmed that if Google is indeed working on a new Nexus handset for later this year, it won’t be made by LG.
Below is what Ken Hong, LG’s Communication Director, had to say on the company making the Nexus 6 :

I know at least not yet. Normally, we were informed. That can mean two things. Either, I was ignored, or we do not make it.
Ken was also fine with Google going to another OEM for making the next Nexus handset since earning money via them is not an easy task and it makes the company too dependent on Google. He also revealed that it is Google who determines how many Nexus handsets are to be made, so if there is a shortage of the handset, the blame squarely lies on Google.
It is not yet clear as to which OEM would be making the Nexus handset this year, that is if Google does decide to release one. If it does not though, Android lovers can look forward to Android Silver devices purported to be released early next year.


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