OnePlus explains the reason behind the yellowish tint on the One’s display

Some owners of the elusive OnePlus One have been complaining about a yellowish tint on their screen, which led many to believe that the handset has some build quality issues.
To avoid any more negative media coverage, OnePlus has quickly come out and given an in-depth explanation on this matter. 
According to the company, there will always be a slight variance in the display’s color temperature because of different factories and batches. This is a very common issue and affects even the likes of the iPhone and HTC One so potential consumers should not see this in a negative way.
Secondly, the company has intentionally chosen a warm IPS screen from its display source — JDI — as it displays skin tones accurately and is better for gaming and watching movies. Lastly, with the latest software update, OnePlus has further enhanced this warmness, in order to avoid fatigue while reading texts on white background.

The yellowish tint is clearly visible on the left OnePlus One unit
To further instill confidence in its users, the company flashed ColorOS and CyanogenMod on a single OnePlus One unit and compared them with other units to show the difference.
If the yellowish tint to the issue still bothers you, worry not as the company plans on rolling out a software update soon that will allow users to modify the display’s color temperature.


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