Samsung registers trademark for Gear VR, headset could be coming soon

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For those who might not be interested in the video games industry, one thing to note is the growing focus on virtual reality. One company in particular has started the drive for virtual reality’s revival, and it looks like Samsung would like to join in on the party, too. But, with a far more mobile focus. There have been rumors that Oculus and Samsung are working together to make that a possibility, and with a new registered trademark, we may be closer to that (virtual) reality than ever before.
At the end of May, Engadget reported that Samsung had begun working with VR-advocates Oculus, the makers of the Rift headset, in hopes that they could bring their own accessory to market at some point in the future. The deal between the pair of companies was a large one, with both working on specific details to make it happen. It meant that Oculus would be building the software side of things, while Samsung would be tasked with bringing the physical headset to the real world. The combination of the two would mean Samsung would have a headset that could connect with your smartphone (or tablet, presumably), and allow you to immerse yourself in 3D worlds wherever you might be.
One of the most interesting aspects of the design, though, is that while most VR headsets have the view screen attached to the main rig around your head, so that the display is right there in front of your eyes, Samsung wants to make it so that your screen is that of the phone. That would mean the headset itself would simply have a suite of sensors inside of it. The idea here would be to unload some of the processing needed for this type of experience away from the phone.
As it stands, nothing is official quite yet. However, there has been an update when it comes to the rumored virtual reality headset, in that Samsung has recently registered a trademark for Gear VR. The easy guess here is that Samsung would like to bring the virtual reality headset into the same wearable brand that they launched with their smartwatches, so the Gear title makes perfect sense. And the VR part? Well, that seems obvious.
Device support is rumored to be focused on Samsung-branded smartphones at the moment, and it’s said that it could launch along with another Galaxy S5 variant. Or perhaps its successor.
Samsung jumping into a different niche market to bring a device to the public isn’t a foreign move for the company. If Samsung wants to be the first company to release a VR headset for the masses, many believe they’d be the ones to accomplish that goal. Are you interested in a portable VR headset that you utilize with your smartphone?
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