Samsung’s ‘glowing gold’ Galaxy F leaks continue, now with more gold

Samsung 'glowing gold' Galaxy F leak
At this point, whatever the Galaxy F is, it’s certainly going to come off as being a colorful device. Another leak of the oft-rumored handset has appeared online, and this time around we get to see it front-and-center, with all of the gold trimming in place.
The Galaxy F is just another Samsung-branded handset to get the spotlight well in advance of its launch. It’s become second nature by now, to see a device in its varying color schemes and at different angles, before a company can officially announce it. Of course, it’s always better when we can glean some kind of details from the leaked images, but all we can see here in this new leak from @evleaks, is that Samsung is certainly doubling down on the gold.
It’s not just a gold back plate this time around. For the Galaxy F, we’ll even get a gold trim, around the sides of the device as well as around the physical Home button below the display. If that’s not enough for you, though, even the dotted pattern on the front panels look to have a gold hue to them, too. If this “glowing gold” version of the Galaxy F is the final version, versus the “perfect golden” device we saw leaked not too long ago, it’s certainly going to be a remarkably colorful handset. We do also get to see the capacitive Back and Recent Apps buttons for good measure.
There’s still no word on when this particular high-end device is going to land on store shelves, but rumors have suggested Samsung will announce (and launch) it in September. Before then, we’ll probably see it leak plenty of more times, and in plenty of different color options.
[via @evleaks]


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