Siri could be getting additional language support, Siri engineers being brought on board

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Apple’s iOS 8 is right around the corner, more or less, and in due course it looks like Apple’s gearing up in a big way to give Siri some more skills in the language department.

The job positions, which were listed as Siri Language Engineers, were posted between June 10 and June 19, and include plenty of varying languages. They include Japanese, Australian English, British English, and Cantonese. The new languages that were listed include: Turkish, Danish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Thai, Arabic, and Norwegian. Quite the list, indeed, and it’s good to see Siri getting the attention it deserves — even if it is just expanding the languages Siri understands.
The Engineers are being brought on for plenty of different reasons, and the job listings indicate plenty of work ahead. First and foremost, natural language processing code for specific languages (no surprise there), providing suggestions for new product features, and plenty of other changes/improvements.
The one thing to take away from this, unfortunately, is that while these additional languages could be coming soon, they probably won’t be present in iOS 8. We could see them in iOS 8.1, or some subsequent update, though.
[via MacRumors]


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