The app Yo aims to keep it simple, probably gets it too simple

image Yo app
Do you need another app on your phone? When you meet up with friends, do you tend to compare how many apps you all have, and then base who gets drinks on who has the fewest? Are you tired of having to buy all the drinks? Well, Yo is another app you can add to your phone to lose in a folder, to help you avoid the high tab.

That’s basically the only reason to have this app on your phone, as far as we can tell. There’s something to be said about simplicity, but then again there’s also something to be said about something being too simple. Yo adamantly falls into that latter category. It’s a brilliantly colored app, and it only does one thing:
That’s right. Just that simple message. You download the app, and then you get other people that you know to download the app, and their name will appear in big, bold boxes. You touch their name, and it’ll send a single message: Yo. That’s it. There is absolutely no context here, and if you want to reply through the app? You’ll just send a “Yo” back.
There are a lot of applications available in the iOS App Store, and you can probably find another app out there that does even less than Yo, but you’d probably be hard-pressed to find it (or maybe not, depending on how often you peruse the catalogue). Even the app’s icon is just a purple box. There’s no Y or anything. Probably because Yahoo!, with its leaning towards the purple hue, would raise some questions.
Either way, Yo exists, and it’s a free app that you can find right now if you’re into trying new things. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason for the app to exist. It is kind of hysterical that it exists in the first place, though, isn’t it? Have you tried it out? Is it your favorite app ever now?


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