Users facing problems uploading tracks to iTunes Match

According to Apple Support forums, it looks like a number of users are having problems with Apple’s iTunes Match service.
Users in multiple forum threads are reporting that the service is timing out when they try to upload new tracks for matching.
Apple Support forum member Ryan Hargrove complains:
“I’ve been using iTunes Match for about a year and a half and have started experiencing a new problem in the last couple of days. I’ve added a few new tracks to my library over the last couple of days and have attempted to “Update iTunes Match.” However, the matching process is stalling out at the end. It looks like it’s just about to finish but then it never does”
Based on the forum threads, the issue seems to have started more than a week back. The regular troubleshooting tips such as updating iTunes, restarting the computer etc. also doesn’t seem to be helping. Another Apple Support forum member ExileAtkins writes:
“This started today. It was working fine. I have deleted my entire library and I can’t even get one song to go through. Thoughts? I’ve been working with this all day. I have uninstalled iTunes, downgraded iTunes, upgraded iTunes again. Finally, I erased all data…Libraries…playlist data, etc.. I’m extremely frustrated now. I had synced about 4,000 songs since September and it had been working fine”
MacRumors reports that the issue seems to be isolated to tracks that are not available in the iTunes Music Store. I also didn’t have any issue uploading tracks available on the App Store.
Apple is yet to acknowledge the issue. Apple’s System Status page is reporting that all iTunes services are working fine. It is not clear if the issue is due to a server side issue or a software related issue. MacRumors forum member BangBangLadesh who was facing the issue reports that clearing the iTunes Store Cache fixed the issue in his case.
The issue is the iTunes Store Cache. After doing this, I was able to upload some mixes I was working on (so obviously they are not on the iTunes Store)
– Turn off Match
– Open Preferences > Advanced > Reset iTunes Store Cache
– Relaunch iTunes and Turn Match On.
Let us know if you’re facing the issue, and if the fix mentioned above helps in fixing it.
[via MacRumors]


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