Volume+ brings some great features to the volume HUD [Jailbreak Tweak]

A new tweak by the name of Volume+ has hit Cydia, and it brings a much-improved volume HUD to your iOS device. The tweak is pretty simple, and doesn’t even have a page in the Settings app for you to configure.

After you’ve installed the tweak, you may press the the volume rocker and wonder why there isn’t anything new on your volume HUD. Well, that’s because you need some kind of media to actually be playing. To do this, head over to the Music app or a streaming service like Pandora and play some music.
Now, after you’ve tapped either the volume up or volume down button, you’ll see the above HUD. Actually, you’ll see a simplified version of this HUD with a down arrow at the bottom. Once you’ve tapped that arrow, though, you’ll see all the features of Volume+.
The tweak gives you the standard music controls that we’ve come to love in kinds of different HUD tweaks in the past, but throws a few fast-access bonus shortcuts in there as well. You’ll notice that Volume+ shows the currently-playing information, the standard controls, the song’s album artwork, a “compose message” button, and a shortcut to the Camera app.
And that’s about it for this tweak. There’s no Settings app page for configuring it (for better or worse), and this is all that the tweak really does. Notably, I would like to point out that I was playing an iTunes Radio song in the above screenshot and the tweak appropriately threw in the star icon rather than a “previous track” button. I thought that was a nice touch.


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