Waze 3.8 makes it easier than ever to track your friends

image Waze Android updateWhen you’re trying to get somewhere to meet up with friends, one of the things that can take your eyes off the road and slow the process down is endless phone calls and text messages, all asking you where you are. Staying abreast of where your friends are can be helpful, without a doubt, especially if you’re heading in the same direction. The popular navigation app, Waze, which has always had a bent towards staying social, is looking to make it even easier to keep track of all those moving pieces.
With the newest update, which brings the app version to 3.8 and is available for free in the Google Play Store, there’s a suite of new features to bring to the fore. First and foremost, adding friends into the app has been improved a great deal, as the application will now sift through your contact list at your behest. On top of that, you’ll be able to share a drive, message or “beep beep” a friend through the Waze app all on one screen, making it even easier to stay connected.
Probably the biggest feature to join the ranks is the Send Location option, which does exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be able to send your destination to your Waze friends, as many as you’d like, and they’ll be able to keep up with where you are, and when you’ll arrive right from inside the app. If you have a group of people heading to the same location, you can use Waze to know how far away they are, when they’ll get there, so you don’t have to bug them with texts or calls to find out. And vice versa, of course.
The update to the app was released today, and you can see the changes that are included in the nice video down below. There were also some bug fixes and optimizations thrown in for good measure.


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