Workforces getting boosted in preparation of iPhone 6 launch

image iPhone 6
It should not come as any surprise that companies all over the world are preparing for what Apple has next. Whether it’s the next device in the iPhone family, or even their oft-rumored wearable, it’s all building up to something big.

A new report claims to have a round-about number as to how many people a company may be adding in preparation for the iPhone 6′s launch. According to Economic Daily, it looks like Foxconn, a company well known to the construction of Apple’s phones, is bulking up its workforce quite a bit. The report claims that 100,000 employees are being added, and it states that it’s the biggest hiring event for the company ever.
Related, is Pegatron’s own bolstering of the ranks, with the report touting an increase of 30 percent. That’s not too much of a shock to the system, as the company reportedly boosted its workforce the same amount last year.
Time will start flying by, hopefully, and we can find ourselves on the cusp of the next iPhone’s launch before we know it. Or, it will slow down and we’ll be exposed to the long crawl before September arrives. Are you already planning on making the next iPhone your daily driver?
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