Android L might feature customizable quick settings toggles

The new Quick Settings menu introduced in Android L (right)
With Android 4.2, Google introduced a Quick Settings panel in the notifications menu to enable quick toggling of various system settings, a feature OEM skins had been offering long before 4.2 came along. In fact, OEM skins have also been giving users the option to customize what toggles they see in the notifications menu, and with Android L, Google might finally be bringing that much-needed feature to stock Android. 
On one of the issue trackers for the Android L project, a user has asked why the quick toggles cannot be customized, rightly arguing that not everyone needs the same options in their settings menu (there’s not even a direct option for toggling mobile data, something that can come in quite handy.) Thankfully, someone from the Android L team decided to pass along the issue to the development team, instead of ignoring it like many other issues that users report on the issue trackers.
The new Quick Settings menu introduced in Android L (right)
Of course, this isn’t a confirmation that Android L really will offer customizable quick settings. Google hasn’t never been at the forefront of building in functionality that, despite being seemingly minor, go a long way in increasing day-to-day usability, but with all the changes that are coming to the OS with Android L, one can always hope Google will finally get around to adding some basic features users have been clamoring for (like a battery percentage in the status bar.)


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