Apple cuts iPhone trade-in price to $225

iPhone Trade-in program
Last year, Apple launched its iPhone “Reuse and Recycling” program, which allows customers to trade-in their old iPhones in exchange for store credit that can be used to upgrade to a new iPhone.
Apple has just made it even more unattractive for customers to trade-in their iPhone with them.
iPhoneinCanada reports that Apple has dropped the maximum trade-in value for an iPhone from $250 to $225. In Canada, it has been dropped from CAD 275 to CAD 225. In fact, when I tried to check the trade-in price for an used 64GB iPhone 5 in good condition without water damage or back cover engraving, and with USB cable and power adapter, Apple’s recycling partner PowerOn offered me only $205.
The price cut doesn’t come as a surprise as with time the residual value of the device are expected to go down, and Apple seems to have made the correction in prices for the first time after the launch of the program last year.
Interestingly, Apple launched the iPhone trade-in program in Italy over the weekend, and is offering  €220 (approximately $300) for a used iPhone. So the timing of the price drop is quite odd.
With more attractive options like Gazelle, NextWorth and eBay, I wonder why would anyone chose Apple’s trade-in program.
[Apple via iPhoneinCanada]


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