Apple makes transition from iTunes Preview to iTunes app easier, for both Mac and PC

iTunes Preview transition
At the end of 2009, Apple unveiled iTunes Preview, a way for people to preview an application without opening the iTunes app directly. Since then, updates have been few and far between. Today, Apple has made transitions from Preview to the iTunes app smoother than ever before.
At face value, iTunes Preview was an easy to keep people from opening their iTunes application on their desktop when they didn’t need to — or want to. However, it drew some ire with users over the years, as it often meant that a new tab or window would show up, showcasing the content in something else you’d just have to close, more or less defeating the purpose. Apple has reportedly finally updated this transition, though, into a much cleaner and sleeker method.
According to a report from AppleInsider, Apple has rolled out a new transition from iTunes Preview to the iTunes app itself, and the change is present on both Macs and Windows-based PCs. Instead of activating a new window or tab, you’ll see the “Opening iTunes Store…” appear near the top of the page, above the application that you are previewing. It’s a far smoother way to access an app.
This change follows on the heels of plenty of new updates from Apple near the tail-end of June, including an update to AppleCare+, Macs, iPhones, new CarPlay partners, and even a change to Apple retail locations.
[via AppleInsider]


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