Apple retail locations sprucing up the place with new wall graphics

Apple retail's new wall graphics
Apple is all about the new in the last week or so. First, we got an update to Mac OS X Mavericks, and then an update to iOS 7.1.2. Now new automotive manufacturers have been brought on to support CarPlay, so what’s left? How about some changes to Apple retail locations.
According to a report from IFO Apple Store, it looks like the Cupertino-based company is changing things up in their retail locations. As you can see from the image above, Apple’s opting to take some images obviously inspired from their recent advertisements for the iPad and iPhone, in so far that they show the mobile devices out there in the real world, in life-like situations. Previously, Apple stores were filled with wall graphics that were all about the products on white-backgrounds, so that the light could splash out into the store. Now, though, there’s some more color sprucing up the place.
As of the time of this writing there’s no word on just how far this new roll-out for updated wall graphics has reached quite yet, but it’s hard to believe that Apple isn’t changing these in every store.
What do you think of the new wall graphics? Do you prefer these over previous pieces?
[via IFO Apple Store]


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