Google Glass update XE 19.1 released, gives voice actions a cleaner look and more

Google Glass XE 19.1 update
Google Glass received an update to Android’s KitKat version back in April of 2014, and most recently we heard about a brand new piece of hardware with 2GB of RAM right out of the box that would start shipping to new owners of the wearable. Today, though, Google has updated the software to bring a slight visual improvement to the table.
For those who own Google Glass, software updates are just about as common as they are on stock Android devices, and generally they can either offer quite a bit in new stuff, or just trim the very surface of new content. In this particular update, it’s a bit of both. Interestingly enough, it looks like Google has chosen to skip an update to bring Google Glass to XE 19, but instead decided to just leapfrog that to XE 19.1 with this newest update.
However, despite having a rather major upgrade number, there’s only a couple of major bullet points to look at. First, the new voice commands display. Google has said that with the new update, the voice actions menu is cleaner, sleeker. But, to actually make using voice connections worthwhile, being worried about connectivity with the wearable on your face shouldn’t be an issue.
Thankfully, that’s the second major part of the XE 19.1 update: better connectivity. Google’s not necessarily all that detailed when it comes to that particular detail, just offering “provides even more reliable connectivity,” but they do suggest that it should be better across the board, especially when providing those voice commands.
The update is rolling out now, so if you haven’t received it quite yet on your Glass unit, don’t fret — it’s coming.
[via Google Support]


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