HTC Dot View app updated, now supports themes and more

HTC Dot View case
On March 25, HTC officially announced (and released) the One (M8), the powerful successor to the One (M7) that launched the year before. However, that wasn’t the only announcement to steal the limelight. On the same day, the company also announced a unique case, called the Dot View case, that would put a nice spin on our every day case — in a good way.
For anyone who uses a case, especially a flip case that covers the display of your phone when you’re not using it, it can be annoying to always have to pick it up and open the case to see what’s going on on your device. Especially after you get a notification. While smart watches continue to aim to alleviate this problem on a bigger scale, HTC aimed to fix the issue with an accessory of their own. It’s called the Dot View case, and it allows for the owner to actually see notifications right on the face of the case, thanks to individual dots that light up.
It’s certainly one of, if not the most, unique cases on the planet, and HTC has now officially made it better. Thanks to an update to the company’s Dot View app, the case can now be equipped with pictures that light up, providing new themes to the accessory to give it some more standout appeal. HTC included 18 different images you can use as light-up themes, but you can also choose your own images from the gallery to throw onto the face of your case.
More than that, though, the new update to the case and app brings the ability to select between the last three numbers that called you to re-dial them at your leisure. Additionally, you’ll be able to swipe to the left or right to gain access to more notifications. So, not just an aesthetic update, but also one to help users with their productivity.
Do you own the Dot View case? What do you think of it?
[via Android Police]


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