HTC Volantis rumored to boast 64GB storage, 5GB of RAM, so much more [Updated: Fake]

HTC Volantis leak
At the end of June, a leaked image with a few specifications tipped the world to an incoming HTC-branded tablet, codenamed Volantis. HTC hasn’t been coy about their upcoming tablet device, so the leak sparked plenty of interest. Now a new image, with a suite of new specs, could point to one of the most powerful tablets to date.
In the original leak, which broke across the ‘net on June 22, the Volantis was tipped to be a pretty straightforward, if not altogether lackluster tablet with an 8.9-inch display. It was rumored to feature 2GB of RAM, have options for 16/32GB of storage, and an 8-megapixel camera on the back-side. Perhaps most noteworthy at the time, was the claim it would be of aluminum, zero-gap build. Nothing too surprising, but a few key details were missing around that time.
Which may have been answered in the newest leak from @evleaks. Accompanying a “leaked macro image,” the Volantis could very well be one of the most impressive tablets to land on the market to date. Some of the previous leaks are the same here, including the 8.9-inch display (which will reportedly feature a resolution of 2560×1600), and while the device is testing with a 5MP rear-facing camera now, it should ship with an 8-megapixel shooter at a later date.
According to the new information from this leak, the Volantis is apparently going to boast 64GB of built-in storage out of the box. (The idea that there won’t be variants seems strange, but anything’s possible.) It also tips that the Volantis will feature 5GB of RAM. On top of that, HTC is reportedly testing it right now with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor inside, but it will apparently ship with NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 chipset under the hood. (And if that sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve just heard that same processor will be featured in NVIDIA’s upcoming Shield Tablet.)
Right now, the Volantis is going back and forth between being the next Nexus-branded tablet (the Nexus 9), or the first Android Silver tablet. As it stands right now, if this latest round of information pans out, whichever brand it falls under would make perfect sense. As a reference device in the Nexus family, those types of specs could do well. But, as a full retail device for Android Silver, set to be sold in retail stores across the globe, specs like that would make an amazing bullet list for potential consumers. Moreover, if this is the type of device we can expect from the Android Silver brand, well, there’s plenty to be excited about. Of course, the one big thing here is pricing, and with specifications like that, it could get out of hand pretty easily.
What do you think of the specs? Would you buy a tablet with all that going for it?
[via @evleaks]


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