iPhone 6 concept art shows off the antenna breaks, may miss other details

iPhone 6 concept art
Right now, finding an iPhone 6 concept is as easy as throwing a dart at a wall, and not even worrying about if it sticks. Of course, finding the ones that pay attention to detail, leaked parts, believable rumors and other elements may be a bit harder. With these new renders, we may be looking at the closest representation of the iPhone 6 to date. Or maybe not.
What it boils down to, is that the iPhone 6 isn’t official quite yet. And yes, we’ve seen plenty (and plenty) of leaks and heard all the rumors, but it’s all just little details that get added up to hopefully build something larger. And more often than not those little details can change, which may change the way the whole phone looks at the end of the day.
iPhone 6 concept art2
Take these concepts for example, which come from designer Mark Pelin. They certainly are sharp, and as you can see from the images herein, they paint a picture that’s very intriguing. If you’re a fan of the antenna breaks, then the silver device with those black lines may just be speaking your name, calling out to your wallet for good measure. If you aren’t a fan of them, then you’re probably a fan of the recent information suggesting that Apple won’t be including those breaks in the final design. That same report suggests that Apple could make those stripes out of glass, which could change the way they look in big ways.
iPhone 6 concept art 3
And then if we look at the front of the device, we see a handset that looks decidedly like an iPhone, no doubt about that. However, the renders don’t quite follow up with a recent report that suggests the iPhone 6 will have rounded, tapered edges.
These are some of the best concepts we’ve seen to date, especially for an all-around view of what the iPhone 6 could look like. However, if these little details do come to pass, the final design could look very different than what we’re seeing here. Either way, though, it’s a safe bet to think that whatever the final design looks like, it’ll be quite the gadget to stare at.
Do you like the design presented in these pieces of concept art? Are you a fan of the antenna breaks?
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