iPhone 6 leak showcases the reported LCD shielding and Home button bracket

iPhone 6 LCD shielding leak
The leaks continue for the iPhone 6, as we inch ever closer to the expected September launch date. This time around, a new photo gives us a real clear look at what the LCD shielding for the iPhone 6 could look like, as well as the Home bracket for good measure.
This new photo comes courtesy of Apple.club.tw, which believes this is indeed the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, even though there’s not much information there to make that a definitive statement. The size of the device is indicative of a larger iPhone, that’s for sure, but nothing is confirmed in this report. It’s just blurry enough that it could be the real deal, though. (Thanks, Mr. Blurrycam!)
From what we can see here, the image shows us what the LCD shielding would look like in its place between the display itself, and the rest of the internal components. We can also see the metal bracket covering the area where the supposed Home button would go.
As many times as we’ve seen the front panel, and even seen it get torture tested, seeing what’s likely going to be behind it is a bit of a change of pace. Though, we’ll probably see more pieces and leaks like this in the weeks to come, considering we’ve still got some time in front of us before Apple gets around to officially announcing the device.
Are you getting excited for the upcoming iPhone 6?
[via MacRumors; Apple.club.tw]


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