iPhone 6 orders are ‘unprecedented’, according to new report, twice as large as iPhone 5 orders

iPhone 6 concept render
There shouldn’t be any doubt that the iPhone 6 is a highly anticipated device, but if there was, perhaps a new report citing supply chain resources will put those doubts to bed.
A new report from GforGames, via Taiwan’s Business Weekly, claims that Apple has ordered an “unprecedented” amount of iPhone 6′s in anticipation of its expected launch later this year. According to the unnamed sources, that unprecedented number means that the iPhone 6 orders have reportedly doubled the number of orders that Apple placed for the iPhone 5, another benchmark device for the company.
According to Business Weekl, the first iPhone 6 order could be for 68 million units. To make it possible to reach that goal, the report confirms earlier rumors that the iPhone 6 will indeed go into production in July, with both Foxconn’s chairman Terry Gou and Pegatron’s chairman Tung Tsu-hsien, being notified of the start date since the beginning of June.
The report doesn’t actually verify whether or not these orders are for just the 4.7-inch iPhone, or if it includes the rumored 5.5-inch model as well. It would not be much of a surprise if it includes both devices, but if Apple is expecting such a large demand for one of these models, it certainly would be an unprecedented move. With a launch date expected for September, and with new rumored feature like dynamic haptic feedback, the iPhone 6 is looking more and more like it could very well be a top seller for Apple in 2014 — and well into 2015.
Do you think Apple will match demand for the new iPhone?
[via GforGames; Business Weekly]


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