iPhone 6 Spigen cases listed on Amazon, show off a slim device and September 30 launch date

Spigen iPhone 6 case
Spigen Inc. has several new cases listed on Amazon right now, which would normally not be much to talk about. However, these cases have an unofficial device tucked inside their thin frames.
As of the time of this writing, the listings for several new Spigen Inc. cases are still listed on Amazon.com, the digital retailer. There are several different variants available, ranging from “Heavy Duty” to “Non-Slip,” but all of them bear the same device inside: a remarkably thin iPhone 6. And based on what we can see in these images, they line up very well with what we’ve heard (and seen) in the past, through a countless number of leaks.
iPhone 6 Spigen case
There are a couple takeaways right from the first glance: first, that the handset is thin. But, that’s to be expected. Second, that the Power button has indeed been repositioned onto the side of the device, moved from the top.
We’ve heard that the iPhone 6 will land on the market at the end of September, the 25th being thrown around a bit, and the Amazon listing has the cases going on sale September 30. It could be a placeholder, or, the cases could very well go on sale that date. Or, these could just be fake. Whatever the case, right now, these cases look really nice. Maybe better than some other cases we’ve seen in the past.
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