Jailbreak Tweak Roundup: Icon Resizer, Aslock, TapTheAt

It has been a few weeks since we shared our last jailbreak tweak roundup, which featured Look Locked, BadgeBoss, ReturnToCalm, InstaConfirm. This time around, we have a trio of interesting new tweaks to show you in Icon Resizer, Aslock and TapTheAt. Read ahead for a detailed rundown of each tweak accompanied by video walkthroughs. 

Icon Resizer

Icon Resizer changes the size of your icons on the Home screen, which can be useful if you are someone that likes to theme or customize your iPhone. The tweak has various sliders and settings for changing the size of all icons at once, or on an individual basis. Icon Resizer is a free download on Cydia by adding http://evilgoldfish.github.io/repo/ to your sources. Feel free to share a screenshot of your new Home screen in the comments section below.


Aslock is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to swipe down on your Home screen to lock your iPhone. This gesture usually opens Spotlight search, so I recommend turning that functionality off through the tweak’s options in the Settings app. You can also swipe down and then up to open the app switcher. Aslock is a simple but useful extension that can be had for 99 cents on Cydia from the default BigBoss repo.


TapTheAt is a jailbreak tweak that adds an at symbol to the iPhone keyboard as a shortcut for entering your email address in Mail, Notes, Contacts, Safari and so forth. Simply enter your email address in the tweak’s settings menu, and then tap on the at symbol on the keyboard and your email address will automatically be entered into the text field you are typing. TapTheAt is free on Cydia in the default BigBoss repo


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