Larger phones could phase out smaller tablets, says new report, bigger tablets here to stay

Over the last few years we’ve seen a big focus on bigger phones, with screen sizes sky rocketing up from 3.5-inches, all the way up to 6-inches. Now, a new report suggests that size growth, and adoption, could mean the end of smaller tablets.
The new report was published on July 9 by NPD DisplaySearch, and they predict that smaller tablets, in the range of 7- to 7.9-inches, could start to get phased out due to the larger phones the population is adopting. That means the iPad mini could start to lose market share, as larger phones continue to be adopted.
NPD small tablet research
In the report, NPD DisplaySearch points out that in 2013, the total shipments of smaller tablets took up a total 58% of the market, but they point out their belief that that number will be much lower in 2014. They suggest this will be in part due to the manufacturers putting their focus on larger tablets, between 8- and 10-inches, rather than the smaller variants. In the end, they believe that by 2018, larger tablets will take over the market, and smaller tablets will fall behind.
It’s an interesting report due to the incoming iPhone 6, which is rumored to measure in at 4.7-inches. Add to the mix that another variant of the iPhone 6, a model measuring in at 5.5-inches, is said to be launching at the same time. With a 5.5-inch iPhone, many might consider the 7.9-inch iPad mini unnecessary, and opt for a larger iPad Air to make sure they don’t have devices with too similarly sized screens.
Do you plan on picking up a larger iPhone, and therefore upgrading to the bigger iPad?
[via NPD DisplaySearch]


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