Mac sales slide in Q2, despite overall PC market growth, based on IDC preliminary report

IDC PC market share
A new report published by IDC suggests that while the overall PC market has grown, it looks like Apple’s Mac is sliding in the other direction.
The IDC report is a preliminary result of the most recent June quarter, and is compared to the year previous. The results show distinct growth from some of the major manufacturers that release Windows-based personal computers, including HP, Dell and Lenovo. Even Toshiba, which shipped fewer units than Apple, is still seeing a sharp incline in the market.
Breaking the numbers down, Apple’s 2014 market share is projected to be an even 10.0%. Last year, during the same period, Apple’s market share was 10.9%. IDC has it at a 1.7% decline year-over-year. Compare that to HP, which holds the top spot on the chart with a 27.3% market presence. In 2013, IDC reports them with a 25.2% market share, which means a 15.6% increase.
Apple is believed to have sold just around 1.68 million units, while HP is close to 4.6 million units. Dell is said to have sold 4.2 million units, while Lenovo is just over 1.9 million. Toshiba managed to break just over one million units sold.
The report suggests that the reason for the boost to the other companies, was the upgrading of older computers running Windows XP. The need to upgrade from the dated software led many companies to stick with Windows, and upgrade to newer hardware and Microsoft’s new operating system. Interestingly enough, IDC points out that on the consumer-side of things, the sales of low-budget computers like Google’s Chromebook played a big role in making sure that the tablet market didn’t eat itself.
[via AppleInsider]


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