Microsoft opens beta testing for their Android OneNote app

OneNote for Android
For Microsoft, individual applications that can grow their brand are important, especially for the ones that make their presence known on other mobile platforms, outside of their own Windows Phone ecosystem. One of their more popular apps is OneNote, a note taking application, and Microsoft is hoping that Android users out there will invest some time to check out beta versions of the app before their public launch.
Microsoft has confirmed that their focus on OneNote for Android is not completely lost, thanks to an announcement that upcoming beta releases for the app are on the way. For those who have used the app in the past, you’ll probably know that it’s been a few months since the company has updated the note app, but it looks like that could be changing soon.
For anyone that’s interested in checking out new features before they’re publicly available, Microsoft has opened a Google+ community, called the OneNote for Android Beta Program. You’ll need to find the “Become a tester’ link, fill out the form, and then once you do Microsoft says you’ll receive an update to the beta version of the app as soon as they release it. (And, one would imagine, any future updates to beta releases as well.)
Microsoft’s OneNote for Android is available now in the Google Play Store, for free.
Do you use Microsoft’s OneNote app, or do you prefer another note taking app?
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