Microsoft’s wearable will reportedly feature iOS compatibility, launch in fourth quarter 2014

Microsoft's fitness wearable
Microsoft, just like pretty much everyone else at this point, is rumored to be getting into the wearables market, and soon. According to a new report, Microsoft’s wearable could be launching in the fourth quarter of 2014, and may look to embrace more than just the Windows brand.
In a detailed post from Windows blogger Paul Thurrott, he outlines what he has heard about Microsoft’s upcoming device that will fit around your wrist. While there has been speculation that Microsoft’s effort would be geared more towards a smartwatch, like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear brand, it turns out it might actually take after the plethora of fitness accessories out there.
Just like Samsung’s Gear Fit, though, this device will feature a plethora of sensors, have a display to show you that information (as well as the time), and also show you relevant information from your smartphone. So, a fitness wearable, and not so much a smartwatch.
The really intriguing, and yet not surprising aspect to the report, though, is that Microsoft will be looking to offer cross-platform compatibility right out of the gate. Unlike Samsung’s wearables that only work with Samsung-branded devices, or Google’s new Android Wear that only works with current (and future) Android-based handsets –or even Apple’s rumored iWatch, which will conceivably only work with Apple devices–, Microsoft wants to support not only Windows Phone, but also iOS and Android.
The release date? Well, Thurrott says it will be announced and released in the fourth quarter of 2014, so that would put it right in line to pick a fight with Apple’s iWatch, if Apple does indeed announce the wearable. As far as pricing goes, Thurrott also claims it will cost around the same price as Samsung’s Gear, so expect between $199 and $249.
Would you ever consider picking up a Microsoft wearable, rather than the iWatch?
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