Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 is a massive update that just hit the App Store

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of the most popular games on the App Store, consistently ranked among the top of the paid charts. This morning, after several months of development, the game has received a massive update with several new features that further bridges the gap between the mobile and desktop version of the game. 
Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 includes infinite worlds, caves, numerous new blocks and items, wolves, new flowers and biomes, abandoned mineshafts and villages, a brand new “interaction” button, new feature generation, numerous bug fixes and much more.
Swedish developer Mojang has been working on the highly-anticipated 0.9.0 update since at least last September, teasing some of the upcoming features over the past few months.
Minecraft PE
The full changelog:
Loads of new blocks and items including Monster Eggs and huge mushroom blocks.
Wolves! Tame a loyal companion.
Loads of new flowers! So pretty.
New mobs, including the spooky endermen and less spooky Mooshrooms.
New biomes from the PC version, including mesas, jungles, swamps and extreme hills.
Abandoned mineshafts, villages, and many other cool places to explore.
A brand-new “interaction” button. Never accidentally punch a sheep again!
New feature generation, including lakes, vines and monster rooms.
Many bugs fixed, and possibly a few added.
Minecraft: Pocket Edition is $6.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.


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