MLB enters phase two with iBeacon, will support interactive ballpark attractions

MLB iBeacon
Apple’s iBeacon, which launched at the end of 2013, set up a whole new way for iOS-based devices to interact with locations around them. Major League Baseball was one of the first to utilize the technology inside ballparks, and now they’re reportedly entering Phase Two.

A report from TechCrunch states that Major League Baseball will enter Phase Two of their support and usage of iBeacon with a new push for interactive attractions inside their ballparks, starting with their All-Star Game at Target Field, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The result will be in-park attractions that use the iBeacon technology to offer interactive features and additional content to those who have the At the Ballpark application installed on their device.
Within the ballpark, users will find nine different attractions that will use the technology to expand the experience for fans, but you’ll need to remember to have the At the Ballpark (which is available for free through the App Sore source link at the bottom of the article) installed on their device. Major League Baseball is also still working on rolling out more iBeacons throughout their ballparks across the United States.
The use of iBeacons is a growing trend for Apple, especially in their own retail locations. Based on the usage developed by Major League Baseball, it’s easy to see where other companies or organizations, even museums, could use the functionality for exhibits and attractions.
Have you used iBeacons yet? What did you think?
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