Mophie adds 64GB battery case to Space Pack lineup for iPhone 5/5s

Mophie 64GB Space Pack
Sometimes, you just need a little bit more battery in a day. And sometimes, you just need a little bit more storage so you don’t have to keep shuffling or deleting. Well, Mophie has made it easy to get both of those things in a single battery pack, thanks to their Space Pack lineup.
Mophie has announced today that they are adding another battery/storage pack to their Space Pack family of accessories, one that should make people aching to get just a little bit more life and storage out of their device plenty happy. The new option, which is a 64GB Space Pack, is now available for pre-order for those who want to jump on the deal now, and it will officially go on sale later in July. (It will ship to you on July 22, if you pre-order.) It will set you back $249.95, which is $100 more than the 16GB option. The Space Pack still offers a 1,700mAh battery to keep you powered through the day. The pack fits onto an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.
Using an application called Space, you’ll be able to add pictures and videos, files, music and more into the internal storage offered by the Space Pack. Yes, it does mean another application on your device, but considering the amount of storage being tossed around here, it’s probably worth it. You can pre-order the newest Space Pack, which only comes in black (for now, probably), through the source link below.
[via Mophie]


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