Motorola updating Moto E, G and X in India to Android 4.4.4

Android 4.4.4 KitKat is certainly making its way to plenty of devices out there. Motorola has officially been added to the update list, as the company has officially revealed on their Motorola India Twitter account that the latest version of Android (for public release, of course) has now begun its roll out to the Moto-branded series of devices in that particular part of the world.
With the release of the newest version of Android, there are quite a few updates and tweaks being added to the mix for the devices in India. Specifically, a new dialer and an overall improved interface for all three handsets. But, perhaps the biggest part of the update, is the inclusion of Moto Alert, a feature that debuted on the Moto E, will now be making its way to the Moto G and X as well. (This feature was made available on the Moto G in the Android 4.4.3 update released in other markets not too long ago.)
You’ll also get your normal set of security updates, bug squashing, and performance tweaks that you’d expect from a software update. While the update is now being rolled out, it is being sent out in waves, so even if you don’t see the update pop up right now, you should be receiving it soon.
Have you already updated your device? How is the new software treating you?
[via AndroidCentral; Motorola India]


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