New data points to consumers only using around two dozen apps per month, social networking still reigns

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Studies can be great ways to see how consumers are using certain things, especially devices or applications. A new report from Nielsen aims to shed some light on how people use apps, and the results are quite interesting.
We’ve come a long way in a short period of time when it comes to applications. Considering how important our smartphones and tablets are these days, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a veritable tidal wave of applications land in the iOS App Store since its debut. But are people actually using a lot of applications, or sticking to the ones they know? As they get older, does their application usage patterns change? A new study from Nielsen aims to shed some light on the situation, with the results pointing to some stats you may have expected, and maybe not.
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Perhaps not surprising, is the find that in the United States, iPhone (and Android) app users over the age of 18 have increased their usage over the last two years. Nielsen presents a 65% increase, in fact, which is quite the jump.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the report, though, is the fact that people don’t change up the actual number of applications they have on their device, apparently. Over the last two years, Nielsen has found that the number stays right around the two dozen area. In 2011, it was 23.2 for the average number of apps used in a month. In the fourth quarter of 2012 it climbed to 26.5, and in the fourth quarter of 2013 it rose to 26.8. These findings suggest that consumers have an “upper limit” when it comes to the number of applications they’ll actively engage with on their devices, which could very well be true.
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Other key findings include that search engines and social networking still rule in consumer usage, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. As far as age goes, the research shows that the “older crowd” (25-44) tend to use more applications every month, averaging more than the majority with around 29 in the stretch of time. However, the “younger crowd” (13-24) tends to stay on their applications longer, with just over 37 hours on those apps every month.
You can check out the full report in the source link below, which has plenty of information to give out if you’re curious. How many applications do you have on your devices? How often do you use them?
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