OnePlus not honouring RMA claims for One’s yellow screen tint issue

As if availability was not already a big issue, the elusive OnePlus One is now being plagued with another issue — a yellow tint at the bottom of the screen. OnePlus had already explained that some people might see a yellow tint across their screen because of how the screen’s temperature and how it been tuned by the company. 
However, many users have been reporting a strong yellow tint only at the bottom part of the device. Yellow tints in smartphone displays is not really new and has plagued even the likes of the iPhone and the HTC One. Usually, these companies replace the device in question with another unit.
In this case though, OnePlus is refusing to accept warranty claims citing reasons that an upcoming software update will fix this issue for most users. The Oppo Find 7a, which shares the same screen size and panel as the OnePlus One, also reportedly suffers from this issue but Oppo has been replacing phones for such customers. The OnePlus forums are currently filled with a plethora of angry OnePlus One users who have been refused an RMA from the company.
While I can understand that it if possible to fix a yellowish tint across the screen via a software update, I am not sure how OnePlus will fix the yellowish screen issue only at the bottom part of the display via it, when it is clearly a hardware problem.
Do you own a OnePlus One with a similar issue? Drop in a comment and let us know what you think about it.
[Via PhoneArena]


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